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Note: PA, MD, WV=Courses sent at the end of the Month. During recertification deadline months PA=Aug-Sept. 30  MD= June-July 31   WV=Nov-Dec 31 courses sent Multiple times.

Welcome to Pestcreditsonline.com. We are a website offering online pesticide recertification training for certified pesticide applicators. Currently we offer pesticide recertification courses in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and Maryland and we will be adding new pesticide recertification courses as soon as they are approved. All the recertification courses on the website are approved by the appropriate state agencies. The pesticide recertification courses do not expire so order as many as you want now and save the rest for later. Once you have ordered a course it is available for you to take immediately. No waiting for a CD in the mail or a code to take your course, simply buy it and take it. If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or comments we would be glad to hear them, just send an email to courses@pestcreditsonline.com. Thank you for visiting Pestcreditsonline.com.

If you have any questions please email or call!

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1. Create a new account by clicking on the link labeled Register/Login or my account on the right hand side.
2. Enter a valid E-mail address then click on the button labelled "No, I want to create a new account" and hit "login"
3. Fill out all the required information.
4. On the "my account" page click on "My Licenses" located underneath "My Courses" and fill out your pesticide license information.
NOTE: Be sure to fill out your license information before taking courses or you will not recieve credit for the course.
5. After creating your account and filling out your license information feel free to browse our products through the "Browse by State" on the left or the "browse" tab located in the upper right!
6. Buy the courses that you want to take.
7. After purchasing your courses click on the "my account" button in the upper right or on the "Account Home" on the right hand side.
8. Click on the "My Courses" link to view the courses you have purchased and are immediately available for you to take.
9. Click on the course you would like to take and read and follow the instructions on the next screen.
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